Ice Dwarf

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Appears: Alterverse RPG
Race: Dwarf
Location: Hafaria

The Ice Dwarf is like it’s cousin’s short and stocky, but unlike their common Dwarven cousins they have long, full beard’s that tend to be very long and almost all white, although some ice dwarves have brown or even black beards. Ice Dwarves have piercing blue or yellow eyes and have ruddy complexions that can range from pinkish to black. They are expert miner’s and gem smiths and will usually be found to have gems woven into their beards. They also are known for their gold mine in Maldoria called the Gold Mines of Akerok.

The land’s of the Ice Dwarves are cold harsh places that are centrally located around the great Ice Peaks, a huge expanse of cold barren mountain’s in the Alterverse, the Capitol of the Ice Dwarves is called Frost Guard and it is located high and deep in the Ice Peaks. The ice dwarf society is a monarchy and has a central ruler called King Frost Beard, and has a Dwarven Parliament or ruling council made up of 60 dwarves. Ice Dwarven law tends to be fair for the most part and they have courts and ruling judge panels that see over the various laws of the land and are broken up into specific city parts.

Ice Dwarves tend to be a peaceful people but are known to be when provoked very brutal warriors. Ice Dwarves are an arcane loving society and have several deities that are believed to be responsible for magic. The King is not hereditary, and when one king dies, no matter how many children he has, they do not automatically become ruler. The Ice Dwarves instead once a king dies, the Dwarven Parliament will vote in a new king, who is the ruler until he or she dies.