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Appears: Hand of Fate and Fates Deal
Location Type: Dungeon
Location: Hafaria

Also known as the Mines of Kal-Aldoon, these are deep mines in the kingdom of Hafaria Deep inside Hafaria at the base of The Spines, this is actually an old complex where the Hafarians dug for their jewels and gems. Feeding the gem houses of Hafaria with near perfect stones. Then one day they dig far too deep and legend says, accidentally ventured into the Deep Dirt the fabled location where evil is spawned, releasing all manner of vile being into the mines. The Hafarians sealed up the entrances with stone and magic to ensure that the evil they released, would never get out. It is rumored there are still entrances, small ones where some venture in and come out with huge priceless gems of all types.

The Harfarians guard Kal Aldoon with merciless drive. Anyone found within it , coming out of it or near it usually is executed on the spot. Or sometimes, they are released back into the mines with all weapons stripped to be the play things of the evil things that feed deep inside of it.