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Appears: Hand of Fate and Fates Deal
Location Type: Kingdom
Location: Alterverse

Hafaria that is located in the eastern areas of the Alterverse. Hafarians tend to favor small walled settlements that are normally closed to all outsiders. Hafarians tend to be naturally suspicious and weary of all others, and they have an extensive spy and intelligence network., thus they use their extensive merchant caravans to gain information that they deem needed, and to place their spies in positions of trust with other countries. They do this by utilizing the Kadash which is a Hafarian that is bread to have the appearance of other races, these Kadash are “rumored” to be raised in or around the area of the mines of Kal-Aldoon. The Capitol city of Haleem sits on the lower east side of the Kingdom, at the edge of Aldoon Bay.

Hafarians love to trade, and they can be found to have large caravans packed with goods, these caravans are seen all over the world, and can be seen leaving the kingdom of Hafar constantly. The Hafarian government is a Autocracy and is ruled by the Caliph Al-Sa-halim. The caliph is always named the same, and the new caliph always takes over from his father once his father dies thus the current caliph will always have many wives in order for him to have a son and heir. The first woman to bear him a healthy son is always favored above all else. A caliph cannot formally rule until he is 21 years of age, in the interim he rules with the aid of what is called the Council of three. This council is made up of the three most powerful merchants in Hafar. It is rumored that the Council of three are the true rulers of Hafar and in fact the caliph is just a empty figure head, however no one has ever gotten deep enough into the inner working of the government to confirm this.

The main export of Hafaria is gems and spices. The gems come from the fabled mines of Kal-Aldoon and no foreigner is allowed near the place. The mines lie deep within Hafarian lands. The Hafarians have extensive trade with all lands, but they have special trade pacts with the Amarians.