Ring of Fire

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Appears: Hand of Fate and Fates Deal
Location Type: Volcanos
Location: Amaria


The Ring of Fire is located in the southern region of Amaria in the Bracken Mountains. The ring is made up of a series of active volcanoes that form a half circle. The Ring of Fire helps keep everyone except the most bravest and foolish of adventurers.


There are several legends that surround the Ring of Fire. First is one penned by Yognar the Brave who was a famous adventurer a hundred years ago. In this legend he writes of making over the tall dangerous volcanoes, and finding a tall tower made of gold. He claims he was captured by a powerful wizard who let him go on the condition he would never return and at the same time tell everyone he knew and who would listen to him to stay away.

The other legend is that the Ring of Fire was created a long time ago by a long lost race of super wizards, and the Ring is actually what is left of their home that was destroyed when they created Dark Magic.