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The Wildling’s are small fun loving beings, which seldom are found to be over four feet tall. They live in small burrows in the base of scrub areas and usually small settlements can be found around the base of mountains usually in the nort eastern areas of Amaria. These small creatures have ruddy skin that can be of any color, and they wear their hair short, including the females. They have small eyes and noses and tend to be quite secretive of their home location’s.

Wildling society is diverse, they are lovers of money and wealth mainly gold and platinum, and they covet above all other coin. They judge themselves and each other by how wealthy they are, and by what adventures they have taken to gain that wealth, as it is a matter of pride for a Wildling to have been on an adventure when gaining their wealth. An old Wildling proverb states, “Gold without adventure is like a party without ale: worthless.” They tend to have loose law’s, except for the stealing of another Wildling’s coin, as this is punishable by banning the thief from their society, and the thief’s gold and platinum is given to their victim. If a Wildling steals from another Wildling they have a brand of the thief placed on the top of both hand’s, and they are then banished.

This brand is a large “T” and is a mark of shame, this is why when two Wildling’s meet they won’t shake hands, instead the raise up both hands top’s out to the other, they do this as no Wildling will ever talk to, help or do business or trade with another Wildling who has this mark. They however have no problem with the stealing of coin from other races and they are excellent thieves.