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Ale is one of the most common drinks in all of The Realms. Various kingdoms have various styles of Ale, and each Inn in every small town and large city tends to make it's own version of it. Usually dark amber to black in color. Ale can be found in various strengths.

Various places in various locations are known for certain kinds of Ale. The Cracked Flagon in Dark Home is known to have fairly decent Ale, whereas the Bloated Goat in Dark Home is known to have heavily watered down or even polluted Ale. Below is a list of kingdoms and their most common Ale types.

  • Light amber in color, usually made with hopps and barley.
  • Dark and robust, almost black in color. Made using the thick dark sap of the Ice Elm tree.
  • Light gold in color, with a low alcohol content. Made using hopps and barley imported from Amaria.