Alterverse Saga Book II - Fates Deal

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ISBN: 978-1-940155-81-4
Published: January 2020
Pages: 368
Followed By: None
Media Type: Print Book
Genre: Fantasy
Price: $14.95

This is book one of the Alterverse Saga by author Donald Semora the book teaser blurb is as follows.


The Alterverse Saga is made up of two books, this is a short series by Donald Semora and is made up of:

Alterverse Saga Book I - Hand of Fate and the final book in the two book series Alterverse Saga Book II - Fates Deal The premise of the two book series is four friends named Don, Hutch, Pat and James in this world have a love of playing Role Playing Games, and one day when they go to a new game shop that also is a old book store, they find a book that one of the characters Hutch thinks is interesting. He buys it and that evening when they are playing their new game, Hutch reads from the mysterious book and activates a magical spell that was in the book. They are transported to a world where they must find their way home.

While there they make friends with two mysterious adventurers named Kord and Freya, they all then try to find a way to counter the magic and get home. However the task is frought with many perils and adventures.


Very long ago in a world where fantasy is reality, a gem is gifted by the Great Oak, to fairy and humankind. A gift meant to bring two races together. Eventually lost to time the gem becomes the center of events that will unfold much later.

Four Friends who have become pawns in a desperate game of mystery, are forced to make a deal with a powerful mysterious nobleman, who may not be who he says he is.

They must do his bidding, even while knowing that he in the end will betray them. But Fate sometimes decides the rules of the game. They travel to the Desolate Isle, where one will face the ultimate sacrifice, and where love will be tested. In the end, their lives will be changed forever, as they do battle with Fate himself. For when Fate Decides ones destiny, you must obey or face the ultimate price.