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The Amazon, or wild woman is one of the Alterverse RPG Classes, she is a tribal warrior whose rank’s are made up of entirely female’s, and can only be Human or Half Elf. The Amazon is an accomplished warrior and is naturally distrustful of men, however they have been known to adventure with men that they have grown to trust. The Amazon has a code of loyalty and once one calls someone friend they consider that being a friend for life, and will come to the aid of that person if needed. Thus they do not call someone friend lightly or without meaning it.

The Amazon gain’s certain special abilities that are based on their upbringing and environment. These are detailed in full below, the main thing about an Amazon is that they will not use magic of any kind, either Arcane or Divine, as they feel this violated their vow to nature, and the sword, however they will freely adventure with Mage’s and Healer’s and the like.