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There are several Classes a player can be when they play the game. These are as follows, and each Class gives the player unique skills, powers and more. These classes are made up of several types, or Class Headings. There are five Class Headings, and under each one is a Class. All player’s must select a Class when creating their PC. The class is one of the two most important player’s choices you will make, the other being the race of the PC you are creating. The class of your PC is basically its profession. It will be the path that you adventure on. The class you choose will dictate your basic skills and certain minimum’s when it comes to your Ability Score’s.

Each class has its strong point’s, and weak point’s. So choose very carefully the class that you choose. There are 12 different classes that are available for the player to choose from, and each class falls under what is called a class heading, there are five class heading’s. They are as follows: