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There are three magical tomes or books that hold great sway with the three elven races. These books are...

The book of Pasts

Kept and guarded by the Hill elves.

The book of Present

Kept and guarded by the Forrest elves

The book of Yet

Kept and guarded by the Cave elves.

Book Powers and Rumors

These three books are rumored to show the three facets of elven destiny, with each showing what was, is, or will be. The exact location of these three books within the elven societies is the closest of secrets, and no elf will betray their location, and the only way the three elven races will ever join and band together as one, would be if one or all of these books became in danger of falling into another races or being hands. The three books are in fact artifacts whose exact age is really unknown. Rumor aside what is known as fact about the books is very little, as no non-elf has ever seen them, thus some sages and others claim that these books do not exist, but are just spurious claims made by the elves to gain prestige and sway. However the elves have claimed the following of them.

The three books each have a conscious, are intelligent, and have an awareness. They will exert their will over anyone that stands within 20 feet of them. They cannot move on their own, but will generally choose one individual to be the one to move them where the book itself wants to go. There is no known way that one of these books can become damaged, as the elves in legend and rumor claim that the books cannot be destroyed by any normal means. The exact powers of the books are actually unknown, but it is rumored that each book will show its reader, if it decides they are worthy, the following:

Book Powers

The Book of Pasts

It will show its reader all of the truths of what was and what any elf has done throughout the mists of time past. It will disclose the locations of treasures, and magical items, along with the truths of elven deeds long thought forgotten.


The book of pasts is rumored to be kept by the Hill elves in a secret chamber that is hidden in or near the ring of fire in the southern parts of the Alterverse, and is supposedly guarded by powerful magicks and wards.

The Book of Present

It will show its reader anything about the elves that is currently gong on or being done. It discloses to its reader elven plans and deeds as they have been done at that time. And shows the reader what any elf is doing at that time.


This book is rumored to be kept by the Forrest elves deep within the Great Southern Forrest guarded by several special druidic warriors. The book is rumored to actually be enclosed within a tree that will not release it unless the proper enchantments have been uttered.

The Book Of Yet

This is the most powerful of the books, as it shows what is yet to be. It shows its reader what will happen, the deeds of elves that are yet to be born, and it is rumored that this book will disclose to its reader if it decides the true destiny of the elves.


This book held by the cave elves is rumored to be deep within the Underhalls, but no one really knows of it location, not even its approximate location, and due to the vast uncharted nature of the cave elf controlled Underhalls it would be difficult to say the least to try to guess its location.