Hill Elf

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The Hill Elf

Hill elves tend to be thicker bodied than their cousins, with tan to light brown skin. The hill elf is tall with generally longer ears and larger round eyes. The hill elves are the only elves that will wear facial hair, and they can commonly be found to have short beards, our goatees. The hill elf female it petite and very beautiful with large eyes and long flowing hair.

Hill elf society is a tribal like society with small walled settlements being the normal way they are encountered., on the outside they appear cold and stark, but travelers will find that they are full of color on the inside and will find the hill elf to be a fn loving and gracious host. This is why a hill elf will not invite someone into their home lightly, thus a invitation into a hill elves home is to be considered a compliment and privilege.

Hill elf society tries to generally get along with all other races that they come into contact with, but they are in a constant state of war with the Orcs and Trolls that inhabit the fringes of their settlements, as these races usually try to steal the sheep and goats that the hill elves raise and depend upon.

Hill elves will commonly send emissaries out to distant land in order to try to forge alliances and treaties for the trade of good for the wool and leathers they are famous for. The hill elves have a long- standing treaty with the Neanderman High Glopf*, and they will come to the aid of Neanderman villages when asked to do so.

Hill elves will generally attend the meeting of the lands, which is a bi-yearly meeting that is attended by man of the races that inhabit the scrub areas, and low hills in the areas that they live in. The Hill elves have a small but capable means of defense, which is comprised of archers and infantry.