Half Races

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The races that are called the Half Races are a varied mix of Human and the specified race in question, there are other mixtures that incorporate races other than human as its main part, but these are described and detailed in other tomes yet to be discovered by you, the reader.

The unions that we are detailing here are the result usually of conflict as in the races of Orcs and Ogres or Goblins as no human will mix with one of these races willingly, however it is known that some elves and humans have fallen in love and gave up their respective lives and societies for one another and thus the Half elf.

The half races make up a very small part or percentage of the population of the Alterverse and are normally shunned by both of their racial types that they are made of, however Humans tend to be more tolerant of these mixed ones as they are sometimes called, and a traveler will usually always encounter half races in the larger town and cities of the Alterverse. Due in large part to their shunned lives a PC being of one of the half races will usually be a loner.