Haunted Ruins

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The Haunted Ruins are a once large and lavish castle, with high walls and towering spires located in Amaria, just on the eastern edges of Smoke Wood.. However they are now just a set of ruins, made up of moss covered granite, and other things that no smart traveler would want to run into at night or even during the high noon sun. Below the ruins are a vast set of dungeons and catacombs, that many an adventurer has delved into, and come out with gold, jewels and even a magical item or two.

What is dangerous though, is for every adventurer who has come out alive, a hundred never came out. The deep parts of the dungeons under the ruins, are according to some, are so deep they have gotten into Deep Dirt itself. But what is known as fact, is the place is infested with monsters and critters that feed on the flesh of anything they can. However also, there are great treasures in the dungeons, and even within the ruins, there are rumors of hidden rooms and other places that give up gold and more.