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The Sovereign is minted by Amaria and is what could be considered the most common of all coinage in the Alterverse. The coins are minted in only one location and this is Loc Amar. Counterfeiting coinage in Amaria is an offense that can result in life in prison. The Jaghar Isle home of the Gnome people also use this as their common coinage, however only trade in Copper, silver and Gold when using coinage. The Gnomes of the Jaghar Isle do not use The Dirham from Hafaria however will sometimes use The Shekel from Maldoria. However when they use this the rates of exchange have caused more than one merchant to order his ship to leave the isle and never return.

Amaria - The Sovereign
  • Copper Sovereign
  • Silver Sovereign
  • Gold Sovereign
  • Platinum Sovereign

Although depending on the Kingdom and many other factors, the exchange rate for each coin can vary. However the "standard accepted' rate is as follows.

Copper = 1 Copper Silver = 5 Copper Gold = 10 Silver or 50 Copper Platinum = 10 Gold 100 Silver to 500 Copper