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The Tracker is one of the Alterverse RPG Classes that is a outdoor adventuring Class who is adept at survival and the outdoor’s in various environment’s and setting’s. A Tracker is also a adept and skilled archer and they gain certain automatic bonuses ( See below ). The Tracker is a fine survivalist who is comfortable traveling alone or in group’s equally, the Tracker will normally however not travel in large group’s as they prefer to stay alone or in small group’s due to their stealthy ways. A Tracker will normally not travel with a goblin or an orc or ogre as they view these creatures and races as abomination’s to nature, thus a Tracker is barred from being a Half Goblin, Half Ogre or Half Orc. Starting at 3rd level a Tracker gains the limited ability to cast spell’s, these spell’s will be of the Spell Craft type Divine, and they can cast any divine spell of SIMPLE task level a specified amount of times per day based on their level.