Wizard Hole

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Wizard Hole is a large tower surrounded by the tall peaks of the Bracken Mountains, and is just North east of the Ring of Fire. This is the location of what is rumored to be a the resting place of the Kragdar which is a group of four dark evil mages who practiced such vile dark magic, they they even eclipsed Malphit Doom in evil. It is rumored that many powerful charms and wards are placed on this tower, and the depths of this tower go far into Deep Dirt and the Underhalls.

Due to the location and the reputation of this tower there are no known adventurers who have ventured into this tower. The tower stands at over one hundred feet and at its base is over sixty feet in diameter. The tower itself is made of red onyx, and is rumored to bleed every year at the start of Leave Turn.