Grafelt the Shamed

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Grafelt the Shamed was a early king of Maldoria, and was known to have been a drunkard and coward. Twenty four years into his reign, he insulted Sagat Ice Knuckles the tenth king of the Ice Dwarf kingdom, by calling his daughter a whore and saying she laid with a Ratling. Hearing this Sagat Ice Knuckles became enraged, and sent the the King a note saying he was coming to Frost Keep to challenge him to a duel to the death over the insult.

Grafelt then fled Frost Keep and ran to Ice Crag Keep where he hid, and it is rumored was murdered there by members of his own bodyguard, and some say he was buried naked with his beard shaved. The ultimate insult to a deceased warrior or King of Maldoria. It is rumored he haunts the ruins of the Keep wailing in shame, and some even say killing anyone who enters the ruins.