Jewel of Hafaria

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The Jewel of Hafaria is a fist sized jewel, made up of over a thousand facets, that is clear. The jewel is one of the three Treasures of Hafaria, and one of the most closely guarded treasures in all of the land. This jewel is rumored to gain an intense azure glow when it is around anyone who is lying. Thus the jewel is also rumored to have immense natural magical properties.

This jewel was stolen in 3194 by Yognar The Brave, and to this date no one knows for sure where he went with it, or who he sold it to. Rumors follow that Amaria, hired him to do the theft, and some say that a Dark Mage hired him. Regardless, Hafaria places a one million sovereign price on Yognar The Braves head.

The true story of what happened is detailed in book 3 of The Alterverse Chronicles.