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There are many Gods, powerful beings and other holy people within the Alterverse. However below are listed a large group of the main ones.


A Drixie Deity, Lor'anna Leaf Turn is a tree spirit who ultimately tells the trees when to turn and drop their leaves. Drixies believe that if you listen closely to the rustling of the trees you can hear her whispering. Drixies by nature are a mystical folk who strongly believe in the spirits, and Lor'anna Leaf Turn is the most sacred of them all. Drixie legend says that one day when the oldest of oaks drop their leaves, and fail to grow new ones that she has died, and the Drixie race will cease to exist.


Graplock the Just is a Goblin and Half Goblin Deity who it is said he will one day gain justice for all the wrong’s that the Half Goblins have had to endure. He appears as an large obese Goblin with red eyes and long yellowing nails. He sits on a throne made up of the bones of those who have performed injustices to his followers.


The Half Goblin goddess of thievery, Chamrakar appears as a female thief with no remarkable or notable things about her. She is the patron Goddess of thieves, and is said to bless any Half Goblin who prays to her and offers her a portion of their taking. Thieves who pray to her give their offerings by burying coin or portions of their plunder under a dead tree on a moonless night.


Jablay, also known as the One Jelly is a Cave Dwarf major Deity. Jablay appears as a large gelatinous being, if shimmering colors. Who can via telepathy communicate with Cave Dwarf Priests. Jablay is considered to be all knowing and will at times according to legend help certain deserving Cave Dwarf's to find special gems and items of magical properties. Jablay is rumored to live deep within the Under Halls in a palace made of shimmering topaz and crystal.


Lizkah is a Draconic deity who according to Draconic legend bestows upon female Draconic Priests their powers. An unusual deity as she is said to be gentle and forgiving. Whereas Draconic society tends to be militaristic and harsh. Lizkah appears as a hooded figure, obviously female, however in her hood is nothing, just blank darkness. However to those female Draconic Priestesses who pray to her, if they are pious and pure in their belief, it is rumored they can see the face of what is considered a very attractive female.


Slissgoht appears as a very old and frail Draconic. He he frail looking but his magic is strong, and he acts harsh and bitter and has contempt for any non Draconic. Slissgoht is willing to help any Draconic who is pious and who presents the proper offerings.


Common Dwarven lore says that thousands of years ago the great Dwarven founder Polchack the long had his beard stolen one night when he was asleep by a sneaky goblin, thus all common dwarves believe that the Goblins are responsible for them not having nor being able to grow beards. Polchack the Long is said to be a hard demanding dwarf, but fair to all dwarves. His hate of Goblin kind is legendary.


The main god of the Ice Dwarven society is Kotor the Long, and various temples to him can be found all over ice dwarf territories. Kotor The Long appears as a robed dwarf, who has a robe of shimmering blue light. He yields a glowing magical hammer that is said to be able to forge out of any rock, any magical weapon he so desires. Kotor is a demanding God, that demands total obedience of his followers. Any Ice Dwarf who in any way violates the demands of Kotor is said to be cursed.


The Great Oak is the oldest, and largest Oak tree within the Realms. The Fairies treat it as a deity almost. The Great Oak has the deepest roots, and legend says they go as deep as Deep Dirt and the Underhalls. The tree have the Childs Soul Gem to the Fairies when they half human, half fairy child was born, this uniting the two races and ending eons of strife.