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The races that are called the Aberrants are a varied mix of Human and an odd assortment of other races and beings. There are other mixtures that incorporate races other than human as its main part, but these are described and detailed in other tomes yet to be discovered by you the reader…. The union’s that we are detailing here are the result usually of some kind of magic gone wrong, or some type of conflict as no human will mix with one of these races willingly.

The various Aberrant races make up a very small part or percentage of the population of the Alterverse and are normally shunned by both of there racial types that they are made of, however human’s tend to be more tolerant of these mixed one’s as they are sometimes called, and a traveler will usually always encounter Aberrant races in the larger town and cities of the Alterverse. Due in large part to there shunned lives a people being of one of the half races will usually not be too quick to trust those they do not know. There are three types of Aberrant races known as of this time, these are:


The Draconic is the result of a long ago dark magic gone wrong. The Draconic has a boney ridge that runs from the middle of the forehead down and over their skull to the base of their back. They have a heavy brow ridge, which falls over reptilian eyes. The eye color of a Draconic is based upon the dragon type that they originally were spawned from. There is no noticeable difference between Draconic males and female’s. Draconic’s tend to have long hair, which they use to hide the obvious head ridge. The skin color of the Draconic also varies by its type of dragon it was spawned from. Draconic society is a closed society except for limited contact with any allies that they may have at the current time.

Draconic law is a military type law, and all Draconic’s report to regional commander’s with regional commander’s reporting to the High Draconic Council. This council is made up of eleven Draconic’s, and this council rules by vote. The council vote’s on all matters that effect Draconic life and all decisions of this council are final; they do not change their mind! This council is also responsible for enforcing what is called Council Law which is the laws that all Draconic’s living in Draconic society follow. Draconic’s that make their way by adventuring are usually shunned by the more organized element’s of their societies. Draconic’s are carnivores and cannot eat any non-meat thing. They are basically allergic to vegetables and fruit’s, and grain’s. If a Draconic eat’s anything besides meat they will become violently ill, They can drink water or wine though. And need fluids as all other races do, however alcohol has no effect on them, in other words a Draconic cannot get drunk, no matter how much alcohol they drink.


The Catling is what is called a Meldlings. It is rumored that the creation of this creature was the result of a long forgotten mage who tried to combine the attributes of a cat with that of a human being, and that somehow either the magic went wrong, or the original creature escaped. So basically what originally was the result of that magic is long forgotten, but the end result of time is the Catling. It is rumored that there are other Meldling type’s, and these may be described in other tome’s that may be discovered one day soon.

The appearance of these creature’s is as follows. The Catling tends to be thin and graceful with long slender limb’s. Their eyes are large and resemble that of… Well a cats. They have small pointed ears, and they have no facial hair, however they do have as [[Human]s do hair on their head. The skin mottling or coloration of a Catling has a slight pattern to it and this pattern can be anything, and of any mixture of colors, the patterns intensity varies upon the Catling in question. The Catling’s tends to have loose societies, and most have simply been absorbed into larger Human cities and towns. However the Catling’s tend to be pretty well accepted in society as a whole, and they can be found everywhere except Hafaria, where they are considered vermin. Catling’s have some limited trade, and offer services to various individuals that may require adventurer’s with nimble skill’s. They tend to not have any military or organized militias, and they have no special government.


The Ratling is one of the most shunned of all races in the Alterverse. They appear as thin short humans, however when you get closer to them they will hair small pointed ears, and longer snout like faces with long whiskers. Their eyes are hourglass shaped and usually bright yellow or light green. They will have hair on top of their hands, and have the habit of always smelling the air. Ratlings have no real society other than small guilds or groups that tend to be no more than ten or twenty strong. Ratlings are usually banned from most Inn's and taverns in larger cities and smaller towns. Due to being so shunned Ratlings tend to be thieves or other devious types of beings.