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Flomin is a large walled city in eastern Maldoria, and is located just south of the Polar Waste Mountains. The city has a large harbor, and is a adventuring starting point for those wishing to adventure into the mountains ranges. The city also actively trades in granite building blocks, and many kingdoms such as Amaria and Hafaria send large ships there to haul away tons of the dark gray granite, as the granite is known to be hard and durable.

Flomin is ran by a clan chief, who runs the city in the name of the king. The city is known as a safe place, however also a tough one. Where inn's at night are filled with the hard, strong workers who cut and mine the granite, and the occasional Ice Dwarve. It is not uncommon to see men spilling into the streets fighting. However murder and other serious crime is rare. As per the law of Maldoria, when one kills are permanently maims another, they themselves experience as punishment the same they gave their victim, plus their family is made to pay the victims family.