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There are many locations that have infamous, or notorious reputations, however there are a select few that have so well earned the warning to stay away, places so bad that even the fabled Amarian Legions avoid them. These locations are dens of Dark Magic, or deathly inhabitants. These are locations that one can sense the evil from a distance, and some say glow at midnight with a deathly light. Below are a select few of the worst. The most vile, the most gruesome.

Ruins Of Gott

Located in the jungle in the old Kingdom of Gott, this city is now in ruins, its central spire still visible, its large roads just dirt paths. No one knows why the original inhabitants left, however one thing is for certain. Gott is now again inhabited, however what calls Gott home is not anything one wants to meet. Inside of the fabled ruined city are treasures beyond compare, however the trick is never getting into Gott, the trick it getting out. One of the most feared beasts in all of the Realms wanders the streets of Gott after the Twin Moons rise high. The Cave Creeper, this magical beast, one of the guards of Malphit Doom cannot be killed by any non magical means. As the Encyclopedia Exotica Creatures says, "Once they attack, there is no sense in fighting. You are already dead."

The Angry Twins

These are a pair of volcano's, that sit on the Desolate Isle, and island in the Dark Sea, that is surrounded on the North, and Western sides by deadly reefs, this island has a set of ruins on it, that hide the entrance to the twins. The twins are one of the legendary locations for one of the three Stone Gates. The problem is that tThe Angry Twins has another set of ruins, these ruins are the legendary, or infamous home of Malphit Doom, and although long said dead, no one goes there, and very little information is definitively known about this island, other than Malphit Dooms home was there.

Goblin Home

The home of the Goblins, is Goblin Home and it is located in the mountains in Southern Amaria. This is where once per year, the leaders of the various Goblin Clans meet for the great Goblin Conclave, that is a meeting to discuss the plans for the furtherment of the Goblins. There are rumors that the Maldorans work with the Goblin King and buy the gold mined inside of Goblin Home, these mines are manned by whatever human, or monster that the Goblins can capture and force to work there.


What makes this place so bad? Ek is not a ruined city, nor a deep dark dungeon. Ek is a sprawling large city on the Western coast of extreme Southern Amaria. WHat makes this vile and horrible place so bad, is that what makes Ek so successful is that it deals in humans. Slavery and piracy, and the transferring of stolen and pirated goods, is what helps swell the wharfs of Ek to bursting. Why the Amarian government allows this place to exist is a mystery many want answered, however no matter why. Ek lives and those that travel alone, and too close to this swill hole risk being kidnapped and sold.