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Welcome to the Alterverse World WIKI

This is where the Alterverse, and also all information on this world is located at and updated. This world was created by Donald Semora, and is the main world for the Alterverse RPG and is detailed in several books. This WIKI will contain much information, and will be updated regularly as more content is developed. Please look to the Alterverse Copyrights page for specifics on copyright, and rights of use for information on the use of this information.

Now please be patient as there is much information to place here, and I am in the process of putting all of this information together.

WARNING! Spoilers are contained here!

If you have not read the books, then please be careful where you go and what you read, as there are many things in here that will tell you how the books end, and or what happens to major characters. I would highly suggest that you do not proceed too deeply in this WIKI under the The Books Section below, if you have an interest in the books and or world. However if you have not read the books, please dig through the Alterverse areas, and the Alterverse RPG areas, as these areas will tell you a lot about the excellent game and world, without spoiling "too much".

Alterverse Role Playing Game

Also, there is a potpourri of information on the Alterverse Role Playing Game in here. We have, and are in the process of loading tons of stuff on the game the the games major Mechanic, the Task Level System so please roam around and enjoy it.

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