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Welcome to the Alterverse World WIKI

This is where the Alterverse, and also all information on this world is located at and updated. This world was created by author Donald Semora, and is the main world for the Open Worlds RPG and is the main World Setting for all of author Donald Semora's books. This WIKI will contain much information, and will be updated regularly as more content is developed. Please look to the Alterverse Copyrights page for specifics on copyright, and rights of use for information on the use of this information. I do suggest you wander and read as much as possible, as this WIKI details I think far more about the characters, places and the like than the books get into. So basically you will find a ton of useful information on the Books here.

Now please be patient as there is much information to place here, and I am in the process of putting all of this information together.


I am currently working on placing this world into a formal manual that will be a universal Gazetteer for use in all game systems. This manual will be soft cover and will contain all the information and expanded reference information for use in all game systems. Included will be several maps and a associated website will be made, where you can sign up for an account and you will be able to have access to cool exclusive content, and even more maps etc. You will be able to see more updates as they happen on the Alterverse Gazetteer page.

The Gazetteer is expected to be done sometime in Fall 2024.


The Openworlds RPG System has at this point been delayed. Depends on how other projects go. However at this point I plan to wait on the project in favor of other projects.

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